The Up & In Show with Anthony Ranaudo

The Up & In Show with Anthony Ranaudo

Inspiring stories, unconventional approaches, and incredible journeys—told by those who lived it.

Welcome to the “Up and In” show with Anthony Ranaudo and Jared Mitchell—two former teammates and professional athletes—where we sit down for fire-side-style conversation with individuals at the top of their game. In candid, informative discussion, we get “up and in” the minds of those elite to their craft and work to understand just what it is that has helped them meet their success.
Competing at the highest level, training and nutrition, all the way to entrepreneurship and philanthropy, are some of the topics we will discuss but our guests will always define the narrative. Through in-depth conversation, we will find out why, and what, each guest is doing to succeed, as well as identifying the roles mental training and functional psychology have played in their lives- on and off the fields or courts.

Join the conversation and listen as we learn.

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The Up & In Show with Anthony Ranaudo
  • The Up & In Show: Dr. Belisa Vranich

    **Explicit content**

    Dr. Belisa Vranich is a US clinical psychologist, author, public speaker, and founder of The Breathing Class. She has been an active consultant and columnist in popular US Journalism, promoting intentional breathing practices to improve health and providing psychological vie...

  • The Up & In Show: Jared Mitchell

    Jared and Anthony sit down themselves and dive into conversation.

    While they usually converse with a guest, the two switched it up and tested a new style.

    During this episode, the guys dive into the most recent Houston Astros sign stealing scandal, the current culture around mainstream sports, ...

  • The Up & In Show: Ana Couture

    Ana is an expert in massage therapy and overall wellness around sport. She is the owner and founder of Trifecta Sports Therapy in Baton Rouge, after originally beginning her career as an athletic trainer. Married to the athletic trainer for the LSU baseball team, Ana and Cory excel in sports medi...

  • The Up & In Show: Tatiana Suarez

    Tatiana Suarez has an incredible story. From being a young, female wrestling star from the age of three, to UFC stardom.

    Over the course of her life, Tatiana has always faced adversity, whether that was being a female on her high school wrestling team, or battling a cancer diagnosis while traini...

  • The Up & In Show: Mikie Mahtook Part 2

    Must listen part two with MLB outfielder Mikie Mahtook. Jared Mitchell is back on set after playing the 2019 baseball season himself.

    In an in-depth conversation, the trio catch up on a myriad of topics and really dissect some of the current events around baseball.

    Jared and Mikie start the int...

  • The Up & In Show: Brad Wing

    In college, Brad Wing famously had a touchdown called back against the Florida Gators because of a new celebration rule implemented in college football, and immediately rose to become a fan favorite.

    In the peak of the social media era, his life was forever changed.

    Since then, life has taken a...

  • The Up & In Show: Ryan Theriot

    Ryan Theriot is largely known for his baseball accolades, which are extremely impressive. He is a major league veteran, and two-time World Series Champion. He has played for four impressive organizations, with over a decade long professional resume.

    What's more impressive is his ability to becom...

  • The Up & In Show: Jay Manda

    Jay Manda is a legendary MLB strength and conditioning coach and massage therapy specialist.

    Jay has spent the past 30 years in the industry and has helped many MLB players take their training to the next level, including the Nola brothers.

    In an in-depth, informative interview we talk about tr...

  • The Up & In Show: Robbie Bolton, PT, OCS

    Anthony Ranaudo visits with Robbie Bolton, a board certified orthopedic specialist and physical therapist, and the owner of Evolve Physical Therapy and Sports in Baton Rouge. The two talk about sports injuries, ways to prevent injury, and the proper way to recover.

  • The Up & In Show: Micah Gibbs

    Anthony Ranaudo is joined by former LSU catcher and coach Micah Gibbs. Micah shares stories from his LSU playing days, life in the minors, and his time on the coaching staff for the LSU Tigers. Micah explains what makes a good hitter and how that can transition to the big leagues. Anthony and Mic...

  • The Up & In Show: Mikie Mahtook Part 1

    Former LSU and current MLB outfielder, Mikie Mahtook joined Anthony Ranaudo during the All-Star break.

    Mikie has dealt with some adversity this season, but has found ways to overcome and find success and happiness.

    Mikie talks a lot about his foundation, which promotes a healthy lifestyle to co...

  • The Up & In Show: Josh Smith & Antoine Duplantis

    Josh Smith and Antoine Duplantis are two former LSU baseball standouts who were recently drafted in the 2019 MLB Amateur Draft.

    The guys sat down with Anthony before they ventured off into professional ball for the first time.

    The guys mix it up about Antoine's unique background, Josh's recruit...

  • The Up & In Show: Matt Bahnick of Positive Vibes

    Matt Bahnick, founder of Positive Vibes Movement clothing brand joins Anthony Ranaudo to discuss his journey from the baseball field to the business world. Matt talks about his struggles with mental health and the countless hours growing his business from his parent's basement to the big time. Ma...

  • The Up & In Show: Lexie Priessman

    Most people may not know the demands it takes to be an elite gymnast, especially at the collegiate or national level. Anthony has a niece who is aspiring to compete at the level Lexie has achieved so he knows what sacrifices it takes.

    Lexie Priessman is now a former LSU and USA gymnast who knows...